Tuesday, October 13, 2009

❛When Princess Not There~❤❜

Miss You~☹
??Sleeping Alone??
When Was Together~!!♡

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Promised ❤

Sorry Bunny..T.T

✻ Its Was A Long Long Time Ago I Promised My Only Love Bunny Tat Change She Hate And

Things Make Both Of Us Argue All The Time..But I Always Break My Promise Again! Again!


Again!!But You Still Always Stay On My Side Support Me And Forgive Me...And I Just Want To
Say Thank You So Much Bunny....!!!I Love You Bunny!!

Every Time I Did Wrong I Only Will Say Sorry,Sorry,Sorry And Sorry!Accept This Seriously I

Reali Dunno Wat To Said Anymore..Im Reali Feel Myself Reali Useless...T.T

Bunny,I Hope Tat I Reali Can Change It And Hope You'll Always Support On My Side....Please

Trust Me....:)

Wait For The New Post Ya Bunny~Im Still Abit Drunk And Sleepy...Update Soon~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Madeline 20th Birthday Day Bash

Maddy 20th Birthday Day Bash@Cheras.Neway Room6
Mad Happy Birthday To You
Wat R U Doing Mad!!!??? Hehe She Juz Opening Her Present From (Ivan)
Mr.Roy Rocking~!!! Jaming
Me And Ivan Act Gay Dancing
Hey Dude..Cheers!!!!
Football Gang

Mr.Miao & Chuckei
Bunny & Panda..MUACKZ
Loong Kei & Isabelle(Miki)
Mr.Roy & Isabelle(Miki)
Mr.Roy & Edison
This Is Wat Call Hype (Mr.Roy)
Isabelle(Miki) & LoongKei

Well..Well...Well..Here Juz Some Pic Of The Party~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

13,July,2009 Back To Bunny HomeTown (JB)

Bunny long long time din back JB le oh...Since Bunny Sis(Victoria) birthday till now~i know i always said fetch u back..bla bla bla...but at d last panda also forget..hehe..BUT,tis time is serious de liao..finally panda get annual leave accompany bunny back to hometown~....bunny will you happy for it??Hope We Enjoy Our Trip~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st Blood Of The Blog...

My 1st Blood Tattoo Japanese Koi Fish